How to Buy Weed Edibles Online

The best thing about weed edibles is the level of discretion they offer – you can consume your treat without fear of raising any eyebrows because edibles have no tell-tale aromas or smoke.

Edibles have enjoyed a phenomenal increase in popularity since the beginning of 2018 when Californians could buy weed legally and there does not appear to be any slowdown in the impetus of sales.These treats come in a variety of shapes, varieties and tastes and what makes them even more attractive is that they are generally very affordable.

Weed edibles are for sale at dispensaries but it is the online platforms that are attracting the bulk of customers. These online sales platforms allow visitors to their sites to browse their range of products from the comfort of their homes and, once the selection has been made, will deliver the treats directly to their doorsteps.

Which online delivery service should I choose?

Always deal with a reputable company. That can easily be established by checking out their websites and customer comments. Here are some tips to help you make your decision:

  1. Only buy your edibles online from companies that guarantee their products have been laboratory-tested.
  2. Only buy online from companies with websites that are packed with all sorts of interesting weed-related information such as up-to-date news blogs, new product releases etc.
  3. Only buy from companies that offer efficient delivery services within a 24 to 48-hour period.
  4. Companies that offer their customers discounts and promotions are generally reputable and trustworthy.
  5. Only buy your edibles from companies whose services are recommended by happy customers.
  6. Never buy from a company that asks you for unnecessary personal information when calling for your details online.
  7. Only buy from companies that offer their customer advice and direction via an online sales representative.

If you follow this simple rule-of-thumb guideline you should experience a smooth and hassle-free buying experience.

Online platforms

California offers a number of online weed and sales delivery platforms and it is always best to do a little research before making your final decision. One of these is the recently-launched Kool Mj platform that offers a comprehensive range of both THC and CBD-infused edibles. Their products include the ever-popular gummies, tinctures, drops, CBD drinks to alleviate anxiety, chocolates, mint drops, health trail mixes, granola, CBD or THC gel capsules and honey straws. Prices start at an attractive $15. The company also meets all the previouslymentioned criteria.

Understanding edibles

An understanding about edibles should clear up any questions you may have.

Edibles that are infused with CBD are used to treat medical ailments such as pain and inflammation. These are non-psychoactive with no known detrimental side-effects. Those that are laced with THC will give you a high but one that is generally far more subdued than when smoking weed. That is why so many people opt for THC edibles when out in public – it is discreet but still packs the required punch.


Weed-laced edibles are becoming increasingly popular either for the treatment of a medical condition or to become high. Nevertheless, there are growing concerns about safety issues such as the danger of a child innocently consuming your packet of gummies or chocolate bar, or that users will over-indulge if their required elevated state-of-mind takes too long to set in. Remember always that edibles take longer to kick-in that by vaping or smoke inhalation.