About us

Canna Try That? Yes, you can. We endeavor to bring you the freshest, most delectable marijuana recipes that are so simple you can make them easily at home, even if you have no weed experience and no knowledge of how a kitchen works. We are a group of edible advocates who believe that whatever you put in must have some benefit to your health and wellbeing.

Canna Try That

With legalization now in full effect, more and more people are ditching smoking for healthier options. Edibles are skyrocketing in popularity, but most are expensive and difficult to find. Additionally, California and most other legal states limit the THC content allowed in edibles to only 10 percent. While this will get you stoned, without doubt, we believe in freedom of “high.”

However, most people find following a marijuana recipe difficult. We aim to simplify them for you. From the decarboxylation process to dosing and making infused oils and butters to use in cooking, weed recipes can be complicated. Our job here is to guide you through each step and ensure you make the best edibles you possibly can, without wasting any weed or overdosing yourself or your dinner guests.

Core Values and Ethics

We strive to improve the lifestyle choices of as many as we can. With so many diseases and addictions plaguing people these days, we believe that anyone can make healthier decisions. Our pot recipes are safe to make and consume, tasty, potent, and sure to provide all the medical benefits of marijuana in the healthiest way possible.

24-Hour Website

Canna Try That ensures you have a go-to website for making weed edibles any time of day or night. Even if guests are arriving within the hour, you will find something quick and easy to make for them.

Quality Guarantee

All our recipes have a quality guarantee. We test them all, taste them all, feel them all, and only publish those that exceed our extremely high expectations of what a weed edible should be.

Our Objectives

We want every weed lover to be healthy and happy. Our goal is to provide you with the resources to get the maximum benefit out of your stash, while optimizing the buzz that you will get out of it.

Why Us?

Here at Canna Try That, our priority is to ensure you have all the tools that you will need to make potent pot edibles in one place, without the confusion and complications of traditional marijuana recipes.